Thursday, June 06, 2019

Don't forget to Title me; intitulado.

Verbena as a ground cover always lifts my spirits. Pink and purple are the two colors I have used to highlight my containers, this year. Has anyone grown them or phox from seed?

My kids and grands went back across the pond; and I am trying to decide whether to work today or clean my aquatic turtle; Toodles the Turtle, habitat. Toodles should win out, although I could make a couple calls, complete client visits and be home this afternoon in time to still get Toodles clean before dusk and the noseeums take over the hose area...and Toodles would be delighted to get a big dose of shrimp and lettuce to chew on, while I work. I usually freshen her water on Saturdays, however, I have to work; educating folks on how pheromones have been clinically proven to help puppies&dogs in a range of situations, including loud noises, separation anxiety, or when moving, or going on vacations. And with the rainy season/afternoon thundershowers and 4th of July around the corner, hopefully we should find a bunch of calmer pups.

I am going to get out of this chair one way or the other.

Sunday, June 02, 2019

The sampler plan

Sample these birthday gifts: a worm farm, a stack of planters, kid size gardening tools for my little helpers, and a two tap kegerator.

I have become a straw-bale garden with fantastic harvests. And I have become more of a container gardener since adding to the house a couple puppies. I now have a pack of four; two pointers, a black lab, and a rotten lab (rottweiler-lab mix). The dogs squashed my gardening space down with all their excursions through the beds. Luckily the blueberries and mangos and citrus were large enough to take the tail and trail trimming.

We finally set up the kegerator yesterday and made a visit to Playalinda brewery for a lunch and came home with two ales. Robonaut Red Ale and Pleasure Chest IPA. We let them rest overnight before tapping this morning. Will wait until after my garden chores are complete to take a sip before going to see Avengers: Endgame. I get tickets to the movie free; as a movie mystery shopper. Yippee.

Here is one of my begonias. I have taken to growing a variety along the shaded northside of our house.

Friday, May 31, 2019


My day can be adjusted, by taking this moment to smile, relax, listen, especially listening to books while I weed the garden.

I am listening to Once Upon A River.

It is quite a story to remind me, novels spring from my deep human need for a story. In particular, Diane Satterfield, wrote a story on how I carry many missing and the lost stories within me, and only by bringing them forward will I be provided an understanding to what I hold within.

Setterfield wrote: “There are stories that may be told aloud, and stories that must be told in whispers, and there are stories that are never told at all.”

How do you feel about listening to a story? Do you claim listening to a book as the same as reading a paperback too?

I recently saw where Finland had good research on how enabling closed captions to children's programs enhanced their children into becoming more fluent in word recognition toward reading.

Note to self, find a way to tell the kids without being "nosey nana" to turn on closed captions.
RIP Leon Redbone; saw him play in a club years ago. He had a.... unique skill set. Amazing whistler. His ability to do hand shadow puppets was staggeringly good.
And, of course, terrific musician.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

There it is

Making a new commitment; it is my choice.

I only have to say the word. Remember in Labyrinth when the Goblins want Sarah to just say the word.

"It is my choice."

Well, Sarah didn't say it is my choice ; she chose to say the words to have the goblins come take away her responsibility.

I am choosing to be responsible; in a stupid field.

Thanks Calvin and Hobbes via Bill Watterson on 4/17/1986

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Eucomis Aloha Lily

Pineapple Lily, Pineapple Flower 'Leia

The leaves at the tip of the raceme give the impression of a pineapple, however, they belong to the lily family. They make great cut flowers.

Don't forget to Title me; intitulado.

Verbena as a ground cover always lifts my spirits. Pink and purple are the two colors I have used to highlight my containers, this year. Has...